Family Care Home

Family Care Home in Cary, NC

As a professional family home care in Cary, NC it is our purpose to provide excellent care for your loved ones and to educate you in how to best assist your loved ones as they travel on this phase of their life’s journey. Educating yourself in assisting your loved ones and working closely with those trained in Senior Care and Dementia issues will go a long way to providing quality of life for your loved one.

Dementia assisted living

Losing one’s memory in the various stages of dementia is a debilitating disease that not only affects a person mentally but is a physical health issue as the body slowly shuts down. How you dealt with your loved one in years past is not how you need to deal with them now. It is an act of love to learn about and understand this devastating condition and to adjust your interaction accordingly.

Providing a home environment that is quiet and minimizes life’s major distractions and concerns are paramount. Most family members have a difficult time in implementing this as life goes on for them as usual but life has drastically changed for the dementia patient.  As a family member you will need to provide attentive service and at some point, you will need the services of trained professionals in positively helping your loved one.

If a dementia patient starts to experience discomfort from their physical environment, maybe an unfamiliar living arrangement or even poor communication from memory loss, this can turn on strong emotional aggression. It is possible for them to start hitting, kicking or physically lashing out.

A dementia patient is struggling to recall their own memory about when they had more control over their lives. This is demonstrated in expressions of thinking that they are somewhere that they are not. In the early stages of dementia, the simple but necessary things in life like paying bills or understanding a bill at a restaurant may be a challenge.

Family care home atmosphere

So what do we mean by a quiet family home care atmosphere and attentive service care to these precious individuals? If you still are trying to assist them in your home, do not argue with them but work with them to help them through what they are trying to express. This is no place to try to win an argument.

Just keep having a good discussion with them and slowly lead them to help them understand where they are and how important they are to you. Always do your best to understand the cause of their otherwise unacceptable behavior and work to get them to just enjoy life in the moment. Being confrontational without fully understanding the need of these patients for a quiet family home care setting is hurtful to everyone involved.  This is where you should start to understand why acquiring the services of professionals trained and skilled in helping these patients will assist you as well in maintaining your own quality of life.

If your current home situation is not conducive to creating a home environment that minimizes life’s distractions, problems, and interactive relationship chaos, then it would be in your loved one’s best interest to consider an alternative home atmosphere.  Finding the right attendant care facility that provides a family home care environment and not a sterile hospital feel could also be a challenge.

Obtaining a quiet family home care surroundings that are inviting, has positive social interaction with other residents and attendants who love their residents and are trained in dealing with dementia will go a long way to helping your loved one journey through this part of their lives. This is exactly what the family home care in Cary, NC specializes in.

We care. You are in a capable hands.