I wholeheartedly recommend Liliya Schmulevich and Heart to Live Family Care Home to anyone seeking a safe harbor and caring atmosphere for a loved one suffering from dementia.

Since she’s been at Heart to Live, my wife, afflicted with advanced dementia, has significantly benefitted from the calm, quiet, caring atmosphere Liliya offers and she’s responded to one-on-one care and attention. When she came to Liliya just ten days ago, my wife was confined to a wheelchair; her predominant posture was bent far forward, neck parallel to the ground, her lower legs swollen. She was, at times agitated, brow furrowed, frequently non-conversant, and unable to use a walker.

Now, in this quiet place, with soft classical music in the background and a European feel to the furnishings, Liliya’s regimen of gentle massage to MaryAnn’s head and neck seem to have miraculously stimulated her to talk with me using familiar words and expressions I’ve not heard her express for months. Some of her former sense of humor has also returned as well, and at times she speaks in short, cogent phrases-something she has not done for weeks. She even smiles, something I’ve not seen for a long time.

Thanks to rest periods with her legs elevated, her lower legs are no longer swollen and in the mornings she uses a walker for short exercise periods. Liliya believes in the therapeutic qualities of fresh air and MaryAnn and I spend time together outside while I wheel her around or she exercises her legs by propelling her wheelchair.

It seems incredible that these changes have been wrought in the few days my wife has been at Heart to Live. I realize that my wife has a terminal illness and that there are limits to the improvements she can make, but so far, Liliya has made a major difference in the way my wife is confronting her illness and given me a peace of mind I haven’t had for months.

I believe that anyone seeking similar peace of mind regarding the care of a loved one would find it at Heart to Live.